• 发布时间:2024-04-08
  • 工作地点:上海


    PolyWorks Shanghai a subsidiary of InnovMetric Software, markets PolyWorks® 3D metrology software solutions for industries in the region. It also provides high-end technical services to PolyWorks customers, including technical support, training, metrology process consulting, and software customization.

    Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Quebec City, QC, Canada, InnovMetric Software Inc. is the leading provider of universal 3D metrology software solutions. The world’s largest industrial manufacturing organizations, including GM, Volkswagen, Tesla, BMW, Boeing, and Apple trust InnovMetric’s PolyWorks® software solutions.

    With its subsidiaries and joint ventures, InnovMetric has over 550 employees spanning 17 countries.

    We are currently looking for a Regional Sales Manager located in Shanghai. As part of this opportunity, the candidate is expected to:

  • 1. Generate, qualify, and follow sales opportunities
  • 2. Help maintain the high level of satisfaction clients have for our software
  • 3. Visit existing and prospective clients
  • 4. Develop sales strategies to expand major accounts
  • 5. Participate in trade shows, demonstrating and promoting the software

  • PolyWorks Shanghai(博力加软件)是加拿大InnovMetric集团在中国的全资子公司,助力各种规模的制造企业进行 3D 测量流程的数字化转型,并最大限度地提高其工程设计和生产应用中的3D测量数据的价值。PolyWorks Shanghai致力于为中国的工业制造商提供PolyWorks智能3D测量软件解决方案和技术服务,包括技术支持、培训、测量流程咨询和软件定制等。




  • 1. 培育、筛选并跟进销售机会
  • 2. 维持客户对我们软件的高度满意度
  • 3. 拜访现有及潜在客户
  • 4. 制定销售策略,以拓展大客户
  • 5. 参与贸易展览会,展示和推广我们的软件


  • 1. A strong team player who demonstrates enthusiasm and excellent listening skills
  • 2. Consultative sales approach, showing a self-driven will for helping users
  • 3. Autonomy, leadership, discernment, initiative and determination
  • 4. Desire to learn about the software and the industry
  • 5. Degree in mechanical engineering or a similar field
  • 6. Experience as a strategic sales representative, dealing with major accounts (particularly with high-technology products)
  • 7. All other experience in 3D metrology or excellent knowledge of PolyWorks will be considered
  • 8. Good written and spoken English
  • 9. Willingness to travel
  • 10. Leadership skills with ability to coach colleagues

  • We thank you for your interest in this position. Please note that we will only contact shortlisted candidates.

  • 1. 具备团队合作精神以及热情、出色的倾听技巧
  • 2. 采用咨询式的销售方法,展示出自我驱动的意愿来帮助用户
  • 3. 具备自主性、领导能力、判断力、主动性和决心
  • 4. 对于PolyWorks软件和测量行业有强烈的学习愿望
  • 5. 取得机械工程或相近领域的学位
  • 6. 具备作为战略销售代表与大客户(尤其是高科技产品)沟通的经验
  • 7. 具备3D测量或PolyWorks相关知识经验的候选人,将被优先考虑
  • 8. 良好的英语书写和口语能力
  • 9. 能适应经常出差
  • 10. 具备可指导同事的领导能力

  • 感谢您对此职位的关注。请注意,我们只会联系入围候选人。

  • 发布时间:2024-04-08
  • 工作地点:上海


    You are curious, resourceful, and enjoy teamwork? Those are the qualities we are looking for in our future colleague! Come transpose your skills into the world of 3D metrology and join the PolyWorks Shanghai team! 

    We are currently looking for an Application Specialist, to provide PolyWorks-related technical services in China (based in Shanghai). 

    You didn’t have the chance to work with PolyWorks® yet? Don’t worry, our team of experts will provide the best training to allow you to perform the following tasks:

  • 1. Gain in-depth knowledge of our industrial metrology solutions

  • 2. Provide technical support and basic and advanced trainings to customers and business partners

  • 3. Assist business partners in giving software demonstrations to potential customers

  • 4. This position is frequent travel across the Chinese territory is to be expected. The successful candidate might also be required to occasionally travel to InnovMetric’s headquarters in Canada.

  • 你是否充满好奇心、足智多谋并善于团队合作?这些正是我们未来同事所需具备的品质!快来将你的技能转化到3D测量领域,加入PolyWorks上海团队吧! 



  • 1. 深入了解我们的工业测量解决方案

  • 2. 为客户和业务合作伙伴提供基础和高级技术支持和培训

  • 3. 协助业务合作伙伴向潜在客户进行软件演示

  • 4. 该职位需要经常在中国境内出差。优秀的候选人可能还需要低频率地往返于InnovMetric的加拿大总部


  • 1. University degree in mechanical engineering or a similar field
  • 2. Good written and spoken English
  • 3. Willingness to travel frequently
  • 4. Sociable and determined to understand and meet the needs of our customers
  • 5. Experience with CAD/CAM software and design as well as manufacturing processes
  • 6. CNC CMM experience 
  • 7. Minimum 3 years of relevant experience
  • 8. Strong interest for teamwork

  • We thank you for your interest in this position. Please note that we will only contact shortlisted candidates.

  • 1. 取得机械工程或类似领域的大学学位
  • 2. 良好的英语书写和口语能力
  • 3. 能适应经常出差
  • 4. 有强大的沟通能力和信心,能理解并满足客户的需求
  • 5. 有CAD/CAM软件和设计、制造流程相关经验
  • 6. 具备CNC CMM经验
  • 7. 至少3年相关工作经验
  • 8. 适应并协调团队合作

  • 感谢您对此职位的关注。请注意,我们只会联系入围候选人。


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